Step 1, Now Sit. See You Now.

We started Whoosh with a deep sense of creating value out of thin air. For creators, customers, and people in love with Trippy, Greek, Italian, Japanese and modern art. 

In the last 2 years, we have come a long way. 

After 24 months and serving over 15,000 customers, countless people visiting us, 1 fashion show, over 10 collections and over 50,000+ parcels. We are taking a step back. Along the way, we have made some mistakes. We stumbled. We fell. But we got up every time.

Hell, we survived the pandemic.

Over time, we learnt our management lessons and we carefully studied our industry's growth. We realised the voids and actively tried to fill them.

But now, we need to sit down, together and visualise the next few years of this brand you so lovingly accepted.

We cannot begin to describe how amazing it feels to look at our extended Whoosh family! If you haven't checked them out, visit our Hall Of Fame on the site.

Whoosh was one of the first eCommerce stores in India to bring a concept of on-demand, customer-centric and freshly-printed t-shirts JUST FOR YOU! No restocks.

But... Whoosh is dying. Yes, you heard that right. There is a truth to it. But there is a little correct.

Correction: the old Whoosh is dying.

It is the end of Step 1. We now sit, understand, talk to our customers, get the pilot on-board and then shoot for the moon. 

The phoenix will rise, and burn bigger, brighter as we prepare for step 2 in a couple of months. 

You'll wait for us, right? Do share your favourite Whoosh moment with us. It will warm our hearts. We will be active on our social media for a chit-chat until then :)

Step 1, Now Sit. See You Now.